The team & our history


Always upbeat staff care about our guests. The name "Adrenalin" alone motivates our team. When nice guests visit us, the wonderful Adrenalin atmosphere is created. Convince yourself and visit us. We are looking forward to you.

  • The hotel was run from 2003 to 2022 by Markus and Brigitte with a lot of heart.

  • After the takeover in March 2022 by frilingue GmbH and Philipp and Beni, they continue to work at the hotel.

    (here a picture of the handover of the keys)


Anno Domini
Hotel "Alpina", that was the name of the "Adrenalin" in former times.
After the "Alpina" had been closed for more than a year, we came up with the idea in November 2003 to awaken this house from its slumber. As a pilot test we opened the "Alpina Backpackers Hostel" on 26.12.2003, after we had adapted the hotel to our concept in record time and all permits were in hand.
The demand was huge that winter, so we decided to continue this concept under the new hostel name "Adrenalin Backpackers Hostel".
A lot has changed during this time.
Constantly increasing demand with overnight stays and in the bar/village pub means for us not to stand still, but to look forward. So in the past years some things have been changed in favor of the guest and the house.
(Investment sum until the middle of 2011: over CHF 700'000)

2003 / 2004
Operation is taken over on an interim basis and set up according to our concept. Stand damages were searched, discovered and repaired. The former dining room is converted into a play arena with various game tables, a temporary bar was built and furnished.

2004 / 2005
Purchase of the house, fire alarm system installed (1000m of cable) the current bar was built, new ventilation unit was installed. Installation of the new neon sign. Homepage and other advertising materials were created.
For the furnishing of the rooms we brought by truck single double and steel beds, as well as other hotel supplies.

2005 / 2006
The hairdresser's store is opened.

2006 / 2007
The dormitory and the self-catering kitchen are built, 2 large roofs are renovated, the shoe drying system is installed. Various requirements of the fire police and the food office were completed. The skybeamer illuminates the sky for the first time and the new coffee machine is running.
Since this year the Adrenalin delights the guests with various live acts of top cover bands.

2007 / 2008
The balcony railings are renewed and painted.

2008 / 2009
New grill and garden seating. Complete renewal of the entertainment electronics in the bar/pub. Computerized LED equipment) Purchase of a new snow blower and a business car.

2009 / 2010
Facelift in the village pub and sports bar and emergence of the graffiti.

2010 / 2011
The roof terrace will be renovated so that our guests have dry feet in the future. Furthermore, the website is updated and redesigned. An up-to-date webcam has been installed.

2011 / 2012
We have introduced a reservation system. Everything is now easier for everyone involved. The guest can quickly and easily check availability and costs online. Of course he can also book online! The reservation is then automatically embedded in our system in the desired room type and date.
In the lounge we have removed the old carpet and laid a wonderful laminate floor (72m²).

2013 / 2014
Laminate flooring laid in the Stübli, two rooms and a floor corridor. Picture wallpapers mounted.

We have purchased 2 e-bikes. Thus, our guests drive whistling up the mountain. The bike self-made workshop was expanded with various tools. The possibility of the bikes of guests to repair, maintain and wash is fully guaranteed.

On our Hollywood swing you can now enjoy the beautiful panorama and let your soul dangle.

Our rose garden terrace was renovated.
5 new "fully" e-bikes for rental were purchased. 28 new lockers and 10 lockable laptop/cell phone charging stations were purchased. New website went online.

Our kitchen is renovated.
So that our dear guests do not have to freeze, we have replaced the heating. The old heater first had to be disposed of with a lot of effort.

Since the sewer system was clogged in the outside area, it was replaced.
After a water ingress, the Stübli was renovated.
The big old fir tree was cut down and was removed with the Rotex.
Carpeting was replaced with laminate flooring in one room.

The recreation room was gently renovated. It has become brighter and atmospherically more pleasant. The lighting and electrical installation were renewed. The entire execution was done by the company ARTEC365 light and energy technology to the fullest satisfaction. An area to feel good was created, thank you for the great work.

The hostel is acquired by friLingue Sprachcamps GmbH and Philipp Alexander Weber and Beni Schärrer.
Creation of the new website.

Adrenalin Backpackers Hotel
Alpinaweg 3, 8784 Braunwald
+41 79 347 29 05 (SMS, Whatsapp or Call)