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Coliving.frilingue welcomes you to our 4 flexible Coliving Spaces in Switzerland and Montenegro! Join the community!

And we promise you something!

Where Coliving.frilingue is, there are mountains and outdoors. Good parties and intelligent conversations. Music and creative spirits. Original food and lots of exchanges between people from all over the world. Lots of talents and lots of challenges!
We do workations and fests, education and create spaces...

Coliving.frilingue was founded in 2021.
  • Do you love the mountains and outdoors?
    With us, you live and work in the middle of the beautiful mountain world! Are you tired of spending the winter in the gray fog of the cities? Escape to the south to Montenegro in April? Or, come up to the magical winter world and enjoy a few weeks / months with us!
  • The worlds cheapest Ski Pass - 75 Euro for the whole year
    Ski for one whole winter season with the "Pass St. Bernhard" for a whopping 75 Euro (for one year including winter and summer):
    three small but fine ski resorts in our area are included in the pass.
  • 4 Spaces in Switzerland and Montenegro - 6 months for 1800 Euro
    We are young and fresh. That's why we offer a special get-to-know package: 6 months of coliving in one of our Coliving.frilingue spaces for a whopping 1800 Euros.

    You are free to move from one place to another as often as you want during the 6 months.
  • Spring Workation - 28th May - 12th June 2022 in our Coliving Braunwald Switzerland

    10th - 25th September 2022 in our Coliving Liddes Switzerland

    29th October - 13th November 2022 in our Coliving Montenegro Switzerland

    14th - 29th Januar 2023 in our Coliving Liddes Switzerland
Even in summer, our regions are not stingy with attractions: countless peaks are waiting to be climbed by you. The inspiration of our mountain lakes and alpine meadows in summery garb will give you an unforgettable and hopefully immensely inspiring time and bring your work & life balance to a new level!

We are especially targeting entrepreneurs, freelancers and those who want to become one. With our low prices you can combine vacation and work in an ideal way. With us you can also just do nothing :-).

Not quite convinced yet?
Would you like to come for a trial week?
Long term Pricing Plans
6 months plan
1800 Euro
4 to 8 bed rooms, you can use all our Coliving spaces, minimum stay per place : 1 week
(please let us know your travel plans 2 weeks in advance)
the fixed plan has a validity of 6 months

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6 months flex plan
2800 Euro
4 to 8 bed rooms, you can use all our Coliving spaces, minimum stay per place : 1 week
(please let us know your travel plans 2 weeks in advance)
with the flex plan you have 2 years to redeem the 6 months
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Two weeks for 250 Euro in shared room
Join our workations which happen several times a year.
6 months fix plan (with community manager duties)
200 Euro
ATTENTION: please contact us before you book this package. We only need a certain number of community managers and we want to have a zoom session before we hire you!
More informations
Coliving.frilingue has the following coliving locations
Hostel Petit Vélan
Hostel with 4 double rooms, 2 four-bed rooms and one 7-bed room
in Bourg St. Pierre (1632 meters above sea level)
Infrared sauna, Carnotzet, kitchen, washing machine, near the beginners' lift
Relais de Dranse
Group house with 40 beds in 4, 6, 8-bed rooms
in Liddes (1230 meters above sea level)
Sauna, garden, table tennis, billiards, kitchen, washing machine, near the Vichères ski area
Distance Relais - Petit Velan
Depending on the season, one or both locations are available!
Our coliving / coworking space in Braunwald has 29 rooms with a total of 85 beds (single rooms, double rooms, 3 bed, 4 bed, 5 bed, 6 bed, 8 bed, 10 bed, 12 bed).

Braunwald is located at 1250 m.a.s.l. on a sunny terrace above the Glarnerland.

The skiing area with almost 30 kilometers of slopes is directly in front of the house.
Our coliving / coworking space in Montenegro has 5 rooms with 15 beds.

In Montenegro you will hike over hill and dale, enjoy the sea and dine in affordable restaurants.

Furnishing Coliving.frilingue / Coworking Saint Bernard

  • 14 bedrooms with a total of 66 beds
  • Kitchen to cook for yourself
  • 40 workstations / wifi / printer / free coffee and tea
  • Garden and terrace
  • 3 ski areas for 75 Euro per season
  • Free parking
  • Tennis court nearby (additional fee)
  • Washing machine
  • 550 square meters
  • Sauna (inclusive)
  • Cheap prices
  • Ski, snowboard and snowshoes for rent

Furnishing Coliving.frilingue / Coworking Braunwald

  • 29 bedrooms with a total of 85 beds
  • Kitchen to cook for yourself
  • 25 workstations / wifi / printer / free coffee and tea
  • huge terraces with terrific views
  • 1 ski area - slopes ending 3 minutes from our place
  • parking at the base station
  • Tennis court nearby (additional fee)
  • Washing machine
  • 500 square meters
  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Cheap prices
  • Ski, snowboard and snowshoes for rent

Furnishing Coliving.frilingue / Coworking Montenegro

  • 5 bedrooms with a total of 14 beds
  • Kitchen to cook for yourself
  • 10 workstations / wifi / printer / free coffee and tea
  • terraces with terrific views
  • Access to the sea (5 minutes from the house)
  • parking nearby
  • big vegetable garden with fresh veggies
  • Washing machine
  • 120 square meters
  • Bars & Restaurants nearby
  • Cheap prices
  • Close to airport Dubrovnik (40 minutes by car)
Work together
We have good wifi & coffee. What more do you want while coworking?
Enjoy together
Parties should happen as much as we want... that is also part of coliving / coworking!
Experience together
The region offers countless opportunities. In winter as in summer! Not always just coworking, sometimes a little coliving!
Living together

Ideally, you make friends for life during your coliving time, find "the" ingenious business idea, meet entrepreneurs who help you to find the missing piece of the puzzle for success, meet your dream man / woman, breathe incredibly fresh air on the Tour de Bavon ", you not only learn to slide mogul slopes, but also to conquer them!!

We offer in our Coliving.frilingue / coworking

We offer packages for 1 to 52 weeks with overnight stays in 4, 6, 7, 8 or double / single rooms
Depending on the season: half board, full board or do you prefer to cook for yourself?
Internet & Infrastructure
High-speed internet, printer, projector, several workstations, free coffee & tea
Meet exciting people from all over the world
Mountains, mountains, mountains and sometimes a little bit of Italy
We organize workshops on a regular basis.
Unforgettable experiences!
Is Coliving Right For Me?

Coliving is for people who value and seek community as well as individuality.

The residents unite to learn and grow together with other people.

They also appreciate the positive effects on the environment when sharing resources.

Coliving is perfect for those moving for a new job, graduating, working remotely, starting a new business, or exploring a new region.

Young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, interns, students, travelers, remote workers and many more benefit from a flexible and furnished lifestyle that benefits themselves, their community and the planet.
Reviews from our customers
  • I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.
    Lucie G.
  • I really enjoyed the weeks at the Petit Vélan. Work came a little short. well That's why I hiked up the St. Bernhard on skis, made a few short turns every day, used the sauna diligently and talked a lot ... why should we work so much?
    Teresa T.
  • I spent three weeks at the Petit Vélan and then two weeks at the Relais. Was totally productive and already miss this CALM ...
    Mikaela M.
  • I was at the Relais Dranse with the Ski Hostel people. well ... maybe a little too much partying ... but a lot of fun. I'll be back....
    Alexa Larkins
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